SU is an Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) that was designated for the Soviet Union (USSR) on 19 September 1990. Even though the Soviet Union itself was dissolved a mere 15 months later, the . su top-level domain remains in use today with over 100,000 . su domains as of July 2020.

Numbers have always played a significant role in Chinese culture. People in China traditionally associate fortune with lucky numbers. Thus, there came a system of lucky numbers on their own way. It is undeniable that numbers differ from auspicious and ominous. So, Chinese take lucky numbers combination into important consideration in daily life, such as in occasions when they buy residences, choose telephone numbers, select a date of a wedding ceremony, and pick an identification number for their vehicle. They believe lucky numbers can bring them good luck.

For example, sold for 2.1 million. for 245 thousand dollars and for 100 thousand dollars, to name but a few.

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