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Hello. Thank you very much for your visit and let me tell you a little about this domain. And first, let's analyze this domain zone.


Like .me, the extension is intended for personal use, but the expectation is not enforced. The extension is open to anyone in the world for any use. It's a second-level country code domain for the United Kingdom, whose top-level domain, .uk, is one of the most popular extensions in existence. domains can be used as personal site for example Mr John Smith registering (i.e. to create a personal website) or as a mail domain with your name ( for example to create such an address: ) but can be be registered and used by anyone for any legitimate purposes (as domain .me). You can also use a domain zone for informational sites (for example, a blog, a news feed, a forum, for the presentation of your portfolio, as a personal gallery, for sales of goods, for creating your own themed social network and much more)
Essentially, the domain zone is a British alternative to the popular .me zone and how the .me zone can be used for commercial purposes.


81% of UK Internet users would be more likely to choose a .uk website from search results (source:, indicating a greater trust in getting a better experience from a UK business.

Nothing says 'British' more than a .uk domain name! The .uk umbrella of domain names includes the new direct .uk,,, and more; and what's great about all of them is that they instantly highlight a UK website, giving greater value and focus to a UK audience.

The .uk top level domain is separated into a number of second level domains, abbreviated to SLDs. People are encouraged to register a domain name within the SLD that corresponds to their type of activity. The SLDs that Nominet manage are: for commercial enterprises( as zones .com, .co ); for non-commercial organisations( as zone .org ); for personal domains( as zone .me ); and for registered company names only. The most popular Second Level Domain (SLD) within the .uk register is, which accounts for 91.3% of registrations and over six million registered domains in this zone, which makes it the fourth most popular domain zone in the world after .com, .de and .net!


? Similar domains have been sold: sold for upwards of $25,000 (USD) sold for $3,234 (USD) sold for $5,000 (USD) sold for $5,500 (USD) sold for upwards of $25,000 (USD) sold for $499 (USD) sold for $ 9,486 (USD) sold for $3,584 (USD) sold for $2,700 (USD) sold for upwards of $25,000 (USD) sold for upwards of $25,000 (USD) etc.

? Valuable keyword: news is a very valuable keyword with an average sale price of $1957 dollars USA.

? Popular keyword: news is a very common keyword.

? Memorized: The name is easy to remember.

? A website will also have good visibility in UK search engine results, so that's more free traffic to your website.

? This domain has an age of more than one year, which is good in terms of SEO than a newly registered domain.

? The ?News? request is high-frequency in all search engines and it has millions of search queries per month(global region)!?nd much more...

At the same time stimated cost of the domain through the service: "GoDaddy Domain Appraisal" it is: $3,785 (USD)

But with all this, this domain also has its drawbacks:

? The domain zone is still not so popular in the UK and it looks like it causes some mistrust.

? Domains in the zone do not stand expensive; This domain was purchased by me for $ 98 USD in the Dynadot Marketplace and the most expensive domains in the zone were sold somewhere for: $1,000- $2,000 USD (by - which makes the current price just cosmic! and for this money you could choose another more valuable domain in another more popular and reputable area. In any case, this is your money and you better know what to do with it.

? You do not have to buy PREMIUM DOMAIN for your website. You can simply invest your time and choose a good domain in the alternative zone and thereby sec yourself a lot of money which you could spend for example on SEO and much more...


? You can to tell : ?Why do I need this zone if there are other more popular zones such as .com, .net,, .me, .co, .eu, etc.? - Yes, you Of course you will be right to choose these extensions BUT you should take into account the following fact - All good domains in zones .com, .net,, .me, .co, .eu have long been occupied, and buying them is either not possible (due to the fact that these domains are already used by the owners of these premium domains and they are not rush with them so easily upset) or this purchase will cost you (usually) at least thousands of US dollars - which greatly complicates this task.

? Who can use this domain? -
This domain can be used by any organization or individual from the UK or any country in the world. Domain is well suited for a news company / organization from the UK (or the nearest countries) or for a person who is somehow connected to this industry / business - this could be a journalist or a person who has news, etc. etc.

? What is the BIN price for this domain? -
At the moment, the ?buy-it-now? price for this domain is: $50,000 USD and we also provide various options for purchasing for mutual convenience: 1. Buy this domain immediately or 2. Make an offer for this domain (if you do not agree with the current price for this domain we can consider your offer) or 3. Buy on installments through and maybe something else just contact us via our email (mail: if you have any questions about this domain.


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