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Have you closed a deal outside of MissDomain, but would still like to use our Escrow for a safe transaction? Whatever purchase price you agreed on, at MissDomain you only pay a fixed fee of €100 for using the Escrow service. Please note that if non-public escrow is chosen, a fee of 2.5% will be deducted from the amount before payout.

We support the following currencies without having to charge any exchange fee: EUR, SEK, USD.

How it works:

You start by filling out the form below. PS: You must login in order to do this.

An email containing a verification link will be sent to both parties, through which you confirm your part.

When both parties confirmed using the link, further information will be mailed containing a link to the status page where you can follow the status of the Escrow process.

A Payment Request will be created and sent to the buyer with instructions on how to transfer the funds.

The buyer pays the purchase price of the domain to MissDomain?s Escrow account.

The money is held until the domain is (by confirmation) transferred to the buyer, at which point the amount will be paid out to the seller.

The escrow fee of € 100 EUR will be deducted before payout.

Please Note: Don't forget to fill out your Profile.
You need to be logged in to continue your escrow