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MissDomain has helped buyers and sellers conducting business since 2003 and also brokered several big domain transactions. Contact us if you need professional help, it pays off!

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Auctioning a domain name

Miss Domain is Scandinavia's only auction site for domain names, we have been in the business since 2003 and have helped thousands of individuals and businesses to buy and sell domain names. Creating a domain auction at Miss Domain is completely free of charge, either to become a member or to sell a domain. Once you've put up your domain name for auction so buyers will be able to see the domain and choose to make an offer, be sure to start with a low accepted bid so that your particular domain will be an attractive object. When a buyer has made an offer on your domain you will be notified by email, you can then choose to accept this bid and directly sell your domain. You can also let the domain lie further for sale, be aware that when your item goes out the highest bid will be accepted and a sale is made then. When your domain auction is closed, you can choose to have Miss Domain as an escrow or to speak directly to the seller and agree on when and how the money should be paid.

Sell a domain name

Do you have domain that you no longer use, it may be time to sell your domain, and you can via Miss Domain in a simple and easy way sell your domain name. Our site works just like any other auction sites on the net, you put up your domain name, select the category to which it belongs and your desired lowest price. The best thing to sell your domain name with Miss Domain is that there is no cost, you get to use our auction site completely free of charge!

Buying a domain name

Many domain names are already registered and today it can be difficult to get hold of the right domain for your new business, activity or hobby. Miss Domain has over 11 years helping buyers find the right domain for their company. We get about 50-100 new unique domains for sale every day, where we see .SE .COM and many other great domains! If you want to acquire a domain name that is not for sale at Miss Domain we can help you buy it from to current owner. You can always buy a domain name with us by placing a bid on any domain you want. We take absolutely no hidden fees or similar, the stated bid price (VAT excl.), So expect that you can find a suitable domain name with us at Miss Domain!

Domain Registration

Are you going to start a new company? As important as your name, your domain name should be, you must have the correct and simple domain name so people can easily find your business. Miss Domain have since 2003 has helped businesses to register their domains, we know what you need to get the perfect domain name for the right price. We can currently offer over 650 unique TLD’s (for example SE, .NU, .COM, .CLUB and many more) to one of the market's best prices. Make sure you protect your brand by registering your domain name for as many extensions as possible. The key domains that are always secure is SE .COM, if your domain would already be busy, we at Miss Domain can help you buy the domain. You can register a domain name for 10 years when you buy it. We recommend that you secure your domain as many years as possible ahead so you do not lose it, to register a domain name again can be a difficult and a long process.

Domain Management

Many companies today are sitting on several hundreds or even thousands of domains, and how can you keep track of all these domains? You can’t, we can guarantee that you will lose a domain from your portfolio. This can be critical to your business and can cost you thousands of dollars to get your lost domain name back. We at Miss Domain has developed a service to help you save your domain name, we call the service Domain Management. With Domain Management at Miss Domain we take care of all your domains, we renew them every year, taking care of all the DNS settings and help you in legal domain issues and similar. You only get one bill each year that you pay and we will do the rest, it doesn’t get easier than this!

Domain Appraisal

When it comes to value a domain name we at Miss Domain are experts, we have been working in the domain industry for over 15 years. We have valued, sold and brokered domains on the Swedish and international markets. So to increase your chances of selling we strongly recommend letting us look over your domain, or domains and website. We will see over traffic, earnings, and opportunities and assist you in pricing the domain. You will receive from us a valuation document you can show up to the buyer and will increase your chances of getting a sale.

A safe transaction!

We guarantee a safe domain transaction with our Escrow Service!

Domain appraisal

What is your domains worth? Let one of our experts evaluate your domains!

MissPark - Control Panel

Our own control panel to handel and maintain your domains!

Business Card

Your domain should be like your business card online, make sure its short and simple!

Brand Protection

Protect your business name, we can help you register over 600 top domains!

Earn Money

Earn money on your domain name, develop a site to gain income to later sell the domain name!