§ 1 General
Membership of MissDomain Group AB - 556732-5336 (Miss Domain) is free of charge. Advertising and auctioning is free of charge. Optional additional services operate in accordance with the price list applicable at the time.

MissDomain respects the personal integrity of its members and therefore handles information about the members confidentially in accordance with Swedish law. However, please refer to point 3 below with regard to the conveyance of contact information once an auction has ended.

Membership is personal and may not be used by more than one person. Nor may it be transferred to another person. Members may at any time make changes to their contact information or discontinue their membership. Correct contact information must be given in the member profile.

MissDomain shall be entitled, without prior notice, to make changes to the contents, function and conditions of the service.

MissDomain shall be entitled at any time to discontinue a membership. If an advertisement is registered that contravenes this agreement MissDomain shall be entitled to discontinue the advertisement and any auction that may be in progress.

MissDomain shall be entitled at any time to discontinue a membership where there has been a breach of the general terms and conditions of the agreement, for instance where a member in his/her capacity as a party in an auction that has ended chooses not to assist in the transfer even though a valid agreement has arisen (point 3.5).

§ 2 Terms and conditions for buying and selling
Advertised domains and advertising texts must be in accordance with Swedish law. Any breaches will be reported to the police.

Members have a duty to check carefully all information in their own auctions and, immediately on discovery or when pointed out to them, to correct wrong information by editing or alternatively closing the auction and registering the auction again.

The Seller is responsible for ensuring that the domain name does not make infringements of company names or trademarks. The Seller agrees not to include in his/her auction an advertisement for, or information about, competing services.

§ 3 Auction and Agreement
The auction starts as soon as the seller has posted domain for sale, the seller chooses its end date of the auction, if no end date specified as a set automatically after 6 months.

When the auction ends wins the buyer who has placed the highest bid last. After the auction is completed, the seller and the buyer will receive an automatically generated email with the following information:

1. Contact information for each
2. An opportunity to choose to use Miss Domains Escrowstjänst (surcharge).

If a party to the auction ended not contribute to the domain or payment is transferred without difficulty or delay, MissDomain right (but not the obligation) to charge the breaching party a fee of 300 Euro. Of this fee is 200 Euro on to the party that suffered damage from an unfinished business. For an additional fee-based situations, see below.

4. Client Funds Account (Escrow) and Management of change of owner
As an optional service, the Buyer or Seller may choose for MissDomain to assist in the administrative and/or monetary transaction. These two services are separate and may be purchased separately or together at a fixed price by the party that wishes to. For current prices, see price list.

§ 5 Liability
MissDomain provides only the technical platform and has no influence over the course of the auctions, either as an intermediary or delegate. MissDomain is not an arbitrator in any disputes that may occur. MissDomain accepts no responsibility for the correctness of information provided by the Buyer and Seller in their member profiles. MissDomain is not responsible for the transactions being completed. MissDomain does not pledge to represent either of the parties in the case of any dispute.

MissDomain is not responsible for the contents of the domain names or websites advertised or auctioned by the Seller. MissDomain shall not be liable to provide compensation to the Buyer or Seller as a result of incorrect information, errors or failings in a domain name or website, or for other reasons arising from buying or selling on MissDomain.

MissDomain shall be free of liability where MissDomain is prevented or obstructed in completing its obligations by circumstances beyond the control of MissDomain, where these could not reasonably have been predicted by MissDomain or whose consequences MissDomain could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

The service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During certain periods, the service is not monitored and there may at such times be delays in attending to operational disturbances. In no case may a member make a claim against MissDomain on the grounds of operational disturbances, or the inaccessibility or unsatisfactory technical functioning of MissDomain, or as a result of it having contained a computer virus or similar fault.

§ 6 Domains

§ 6.1 .SE-Domains

When it comes to .SE-Domains the rules from II-Stiftelsens General Terms and Conditions applies. You can find and read about this term on IIS website When you agree to Miss Domains's Terms and Conditions you also agree on IIS Terms and Conditions.

Subregistrar: MissDomain Group AB
Registrar: NameISP AB
Registrar: Wired Equity
Registry: IIS

More rules that applies for .SE-Domains:

  • Miss Domain owns the right to move a customers domain(s) through out different registrars

  • Miss Domain owns the right to handle customers domain(s) through the best fit registry of our choosing

§ 6.2 .NU-Domains

When it comes to .NU-Domains the rules from II-Stiftelsens General Terms and Conditions applies. You can find and read about this term on IIS website When you agree to Miss Domains's Terms and Conditions you also agree on IIS Terms and Conditions.

Subregistrar: MissDomain Group AB
Registrar: NameISP AB
Registrar: Wired Equity
Registry: IIS

§ 6.3 General Terms for Domains

For all domain registrations done on Miss Domain, we will enter Miss Domain as Admin, Tech and Billing contact on the domain.

Miss Domain don't guarantee a domain registration until the buyer receives a registration confirmation through email. In case of a failed domain registration the buyer will be able to choose a new domain for registration in the same amount payed for the first domain.

§ 7 Delivery
Delivery of newly registered domain names is done only after payment has been received MissDomain. After the payment has been received by Miss Domain the domain registration is done in minutes.

§ 8 Refund
Refund of money depends on the service acquired by the customers.

  • 8.1 Domain Registrations

  • Refunds of new domain registrations can only be done if the domain is not registered. If the domain has been registered no refund can be done of the domain.
  • 8.2 Domain Auctions

  • If the bid is registered and accepted buy the seller no refund can be done of the money payed buy the buyer.

§ 10 General Terms and Termination

  • 10.1 The agreement begins when confirmation is issued by Miss Domain. The agreement extends the time that payment is made for services unless otherwise agreed and clear from the order confirmation.

  • 10.2 Miss Domain applies Distance and Doorstep Sales Act (SFS 2005: 59), meaning that the customer always has the right to cancel contract concluded within 14 days. MissDomain provide specific information about this to the Customer in connection with the contract confirmed. See also sections 10.6 and 10.7.

  • 10.3 Miss Domain apply the 30-day return policy, and in this case will be refunded all money paid for the Services (See Special for Domain Name above punt 9.1 and 9.2). See also sections 10.6 and 10.7.

  • 10.4 Miss Domain apply the right of withdrawal and return policy even to traders who are legal persons.

  • 10.5 Miss Domain applies no periods. The agreement may be terminated by the Customer at any time and without any reason. After a dismissal saved any files stored in your duties for Miss Domain another 2 weeks. See also sections 10.6 and 10.7.

  • 10.6 Termination shall be made through Miss Domains Support.

  • 10.7 Customer wishing to use the right or guarantee, or to terminate the Agreement during the paid period, they must prove their identity with a username and password for that message to be valid. MissDomain confirms the message immediately and refund within 20 days.

§ 9 Privacy Policy
When ordering, I consent to my personal information, including email address, mobile phone number for calls and text messages and any other digital addresses, may be stored and used within MissDomain digital service, marketing, and for statistical and analytical purposes.

Tasks that I directly or indirectly provide by using MissDomain digital services and may, together with other customer data used in Bonnier for marketing purposes and to customize the content, services and advertising to me, and for the development of new services. Information about my use of digital services obtained with the help of, among other things, cookies.

The consent is valid until I cancel it yourself, and do not cease if the service is not used and consent is not dependent on any purchase of products.

I have the right to revoke consent, which I do by contacting MissDomain through each company's customer service.

Terms and Conditions update on 2018-03-06.